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Dessenheim - Christmas Market

Welcome to Dessenheim's first Christmas Market!

A new tradition is starting in Dessenheim this year: the very first Christmas Market is opening its doors! Come and enjoy a warm and enchanting experience where creativity and generosity take pride of place.

2024 dates coming soon

Local artists and producers

Discover the creations made with passion by talented local artists and producers. From unique handicrafts to local produce, each stand tells a story.

Regional specialties

Discover the delights of the region by trying local specialties that will tickle your taste buds. Whether you're a fan of soft pretzels, fragrant gingerbread or delicious flambé tarts, there's something for everyone.

Coziness and warmth

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of Christmas by warming up with a hot drink. Whether you prefer spiced mulled wine or hot chocolate, the friendly atmosphere of the market will make every sip even more delicious.

An exciting new market

The Dessenheim Christmas Market is a new tradition that promises to create fond memories for years to come. Ccome along with your family or friends to experience the magic of this special season.

2024 dates coming soon