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Exhibition : Gérald Thupinier ... que les larmes enfin submergent aussi la pierre.

Exposition d'oeuvres d'art contemporaines

  • 4 Rue Rapp 68000 Colmar
  • Everyday from 14h00 at 18h00

Exhibition : Bartholdi, portrait intime du sculpteur

From Thursday 01 Mar 2018 To Monday 30 Apr 2018
From Wednesday 02 May 2018 To Wednesday 31 Oct 2018
From Friday 02 Nov 2018 To Monday 24 Dec 2018
From Wednesday 26 Dec 2018 To Monday 31 Dec 2018
  • 30 rue des Marchands 30, rue des Marchands 68000 Colmar
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sundayfrom 14h00 at 18h00 and from 14h00 at 18h00

Exposition : E. Noack : Les bonheurs animés d'un artiste secret

From Wednesday 08 Nov 2017 To Sunday 13 May 2018

Eugene Noack, nicknamed Schéni, has lived all his life in Colmar, a city he has always refused to leave despite many solicitations. Gifted for drawing, he began his professional life as a cabinet maker. He then moved as a...

  • 28 Rue des Têtes 68000 Colmar
  • Everyday from 10h00 at 18h30

Christmas farm : Le Lameysberg

From Saturday 24 Nov 2018 To Sunday 25 Nov 2018
From Saturday 01 Dec 2018 To Sunday 02 Dec 2018
  • Lameysberg 68380 Breitenbach Haut Rhin
  • Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday All day long

Cribs exposition

The big crib was made in summer 2005 by André and Pascal Bosshardt. They use different elements from the city of Vauban. Mister Louis presents his own crib collection (over 180 cribs)

  • 68600 Neuf-Brisach
  • Everyday All day long

Nativity scene

Nativity scene on the city hall's place.

  • 3 rue de l'Eglise 68140 Gunsbach
  • Everyday All day long

Christmas cellar

Wine and Bredla tasting, beside the fireplace and the traditional Christmas tree - In French, German and English

  • 1 rue de Walbach 68230 Wihr au Val
  • Everydayfrom 14h00 at 19h00 and from 14h00 at 19h00

Exhibition 'Rose de Noël'

  • 1 rue de Walbach 68230 Wihr au Val
  • Everydayfrom 14h00 at 19h00 and from 14h00 at 19h00

Bredla workshops (Christmas cakes)

Friday 23 Nov 2018
Friday 07 Dec 2018
Friday 14 Dec 2018
  • 22a rue de la République 68140 Munster
  • Friday All day long

Christmas crib

  • 1 rue du Rebberg 68230 Soultzbach les Bains
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 14h00 at 16h30

Christmas market

A market full of traditions about the Alsatian Christmas biscuits, the Bredla

  • 68140 Munster
  • Saturday, Sunday from 09h30 at 19h00

Advent lights

Craft market with regional products and Christmas specialities. Eating on the spot possible.

  • Place de l'hôtel de ville 68770 Ammerschwihr
  • Saturday from 14h00 at 19h00

Taste the Munster soup

  • 68140 Munster
  • Saturday from 17h30 at 18h00

Nativities exhibition

exhibition of ancient and current cribs

  • 68140 Munster
  • Everydayfrom 10h00 at 12h30 and from 10h00 at 12h30

Nativity scene

  • rue de la Chapelle 68230 Soultzbach les Bains
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10h00 at 16h30


  • 57 rue Principale 68380 Muhlbach sur Munster
  • Everyday from 09h00 at 19h00

Night Watchman's Round

Tour through the streets of the town, the nightwatchman will relate tales and legends. The visit lasts about 1 hour, start at 5pm, from the Castle Place (city centre). Only in french.

  • Place du Château 68420 Eguisheim
  • Tuesday from 17h00 at 18h15

Opening reception of the exhibition 'Rose de Noël'

  • 1 rue de Walbach 68230 Wihr au Val
  • Friday from 18h30 at 19h30

Christmas tale

  • 68230 Turckheim
  • Friday All day long

St. Nicholas'market

St Nicolas Christmas market in Widensolen. Christmas decorations saled in little woodhouses. Visit from Santa Klaus who gives sweets to the children.In the streets there is animation like Christmas tales, music...

  • 15 Rue de l'Eglise 68320 Widensolen
  • Friday from 18h00 at 20h00